The Basics of Zendoodle

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There’s a creative soul inside you. just haven’t let it out yet.

Maybe it's buried under the deadlines. The pressure. The overflowing schedule. The expectations you can't control.

And when you greet your people at the end of the day, you wish you were able to be fully present with them.

What if it could be different?

What if there were a simple daily practice that could draw out your creativity (it's in there, waiting for this moment!).

A way to reduce your stress, help you hit the reset button on your day

...and all it took was a handful of minutes, a pen and some paper?

Introducing Printable Guide

A practical guide to slowing down and mindfulness through the simplest form of art - the doodle.

For anyone who wants a simple way to relax; a way that is inexpensive, personal and creative.

For anyone who doesn't think they are artistic but yearns for creativity.

For anyone who just wants to know how.

takes a popular creative practice and breaks it down to the basics, so you can feel confident and free as you learn to nurture and embrace your creative soul.

Because when you zendoodle, you’ll have a powerful tool for slowing down, releasing stress, and being fully present right where you are.

What's Inside?

 printable guide will teach you not only the basics of zendoodle, but will also include:

  • 3 printable coloring pages to ease you in so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • 4 printable “Getting Started” pages designed to support your growing skills
  • 7 Pattern Archetypes - deconstructed into their most basic elements, so you can start creating surprisingly beautiful designs of your own.
  • Tools & Resources to take the guesswork out of developing more advanced skills
  • All orders include free updates and upgrades for one year

When you buy printable guide, you’re saying YES to peace, mindfulness, and the simple joy of creating your own personal art.

*Note: this product is a digital download

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The Basics of Zendoodle

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